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Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

Plumbing tips for Pet Owners

When keeping your furry family member inside there are some plumbing precautions you should take.

Watch what you flus: This is especially very important to all you cat owners. You never want to flush kitty litter or animal waste down the toilet. Your drains are very likely to become clogged upon doing so.

Put down the toilet seat: This doesn’t only apply to men. If your furry friend likes to occasionally take a swig out of the toilet, it is extremely important for you to close the toilet seat. When cleaning our toilets we use chemicals and if your pet takes a drink from the toilet, that can be very harmful to their health. For your pet’s safety, always close the lid and make sure to leave out clean water for your pet.

Bath Time: Always check the water pressure, if it is hot for you it is dangerous for your pet. To avoid clogging up your drains from your pet’s hair, put a strainer in your sink or tub. The strainer will catch the hair still letting the water go through.

Cover and secure exposed Pipes: We all know some pets like to chew on almost anything they can get their paws on. Conceal and secure pipes to avoid your pet finding a pipe to chew on. Their new found chew toy can result in a clog or a leak. Dogs are known for having a habit of digging, watch how deep they go, sometimes water or sewer lines can be found at 18 inches below the surface. Avoid the pain of finding a hole in your water or sewer line and cover it up.