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Water Softener Repair & Installation

Water softener problems can quite a bit of trouble, as you likely know if you’re reading this. Having a huge buildup of magnesium and calcium in your pipes can be a terrible thing to have happen to you. If your water softener isn’t working properly, you’ll likely notice buildup on your faucets and pipes that you use frequently. You might not notice the issues on lesser-used water sources, but you will notice them on things like your shower, kitchen faucet, and other sources that you use frequently.

Diagnosing the problem

Sometimes you’ll be able to look at your water softener and diagnose the issue by yourself. Sometimes you haven’t been adding enough salt to the softener, and you can run into issues this way. Other times, you can completely flush the system through and let it run its cycle. Also make sure to check if your settings are correct. It’s possible you use more water than you have the softener set to, and that is the issue.

Water Softener Installation

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