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Garbage Disposal & Installation

The most common garbage disposal problems include (but aren’t limited to):

  1. A bad odor coming from your sink: Usually this means things aren’t going down all the way, and something may be jammed. The
    food isn’t going down, it’s staying up, so you can still smell it.
  2. Your sink isn’t draining properly: If this happens, try running the garbage disposal again. Perhaps something was caught. If that doesn’t help, there may be a larger issue at hand and you should seek help from a professional.
  3. Something is stuck in your garbage disposal: This can be more difficult than it seems to fix. You can try fixing it by yourself, but if you just can’t get it out, or aren’t good at fixing things, try contacting us and we’ll get it fixed for you.

Garbage disposals can be very difficult to fix. They are very sharp and if you commit a mistake, it can cost you severely. Repairing a garbage disposal is incredibly cheap, and if you can’t repair something, don’t be stubborn. Get it fixed and save yourself the trouble, and the potential cost of fixing it yourself and having something bad happen. Give us a call today and we’ll send someone to assist you with your difficulties.

Garbage Disposal

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