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Need services? Contact us 24/7: (281) 412-2700

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Installing a sewer line can be a difficult and tedious job. Although some people have enough knowledge in laying pipe that they can install their own line, most people simply don’t have the knowledge to do so. Instead of frustrating yourself to no end, give us a call here at BigState Plumbing, and let us do the work for you. We specialize in both sewer line installment, as well as sewer line repair.

Installing a sewer line consists of many different things. You must first buy the correct pipes, fittings, and other attachments. After that you’ll have to start excavating a trench, which is a difficult process in itself, that you’ll probably have to hire people to do if you plan on plumbing it yourself. The ground must be prepared specially for laying pipe as well, which is also a very specialized kind of task.

After that, there are tons of other complications, like “bedding” the pipe, which is essentially surrounding it with gravel or sand. After a few other tasks, you’d eventually be able to actually install your sewer line, but the moral here is that the entire process is incredibly difficult, and there are so many potential things that can go wrong. It’s possible to do by yourself, but in the end most of the time you’ll be wishing you hired a professional.

The same goes for sewer line repair. You can try and find the potential issue yourself, but most of the time people end up doing more harm than good. Spare yourself this expense, and give Big State Plumbing a call today. We’ll be happy to work closely with you on setting up a new sewer line, or repair your current one.

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