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Need services? Contact us 24/7: (281) 412-2700

Richmond, Texas – Water Facts and Plumbing Basics

It’s all about the drinking water.  Being from this area, and most importantly being a major Richmond Texas Plumber, it is especially comforting to know that the drinking water right here in our historic town is good!  Here are some good facts and resources that may help answer some questions –

So Where does our drinking water come from? Our water comes from about 5 wells that range from 480 feet to 1,000 in the Gulf Coast Aquifer.

Is the City of Richmond’s water system Fluoridinated?  NO the city of Richmond does not add any fluoride to our water system.

What can cause the rust color in my water?  The rusty tint is caused by iron and calcium that is naturally occurring in water. Sudden changes in the system, such as when a fire hydrant is opened, can stir up the iron and calcium sediments that have been built on pipes and cause temporary discoloration. If you have rusty water, please call the City of Richmond 24-hour line at (281) 342-2849 and a crew will be sent to investigate

What do I do if I have a water leak?  The homeowner is responsible for the pipes within the house, as well as the water service line from the house to the water meter box. If you think you have a leak, please call us first to request a leak investigation. You may contact our 24-hour line at (281) 412-2700


What can be causing my water pressure to be low?  

Several things can cause or reduce the water pressure in your home:

  • Plugged or restricted screens on your faucets
  • Malfunctioning or partially closed water valves in your home
  • Water main breaks, firefighting, and hydrant flushing may affect the pressure

Who should you call if you notice water running down the street?

If you notice a leak or discharge of water, whether it is in the street, from a meter, or a hydrant please call the City of Richmond  24-hour line at (281) 342-2849 and a crew will be dispatched to investigate the situation and take appropriate actions.