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Need services? Contact us 24/7: (281) 412-2700

Top 5 Plumbing Stereotypes

Plumbing Sterotypes

Top 5 Plumbing Stereotypes

The plumbing industry, as a whole, has developed all sorts of “Plumbing Stereotypes,”so we thought it would be a great idea for Big State Plumbing to get to the bottom of these so called plumbing stereotypes. 


#1 Plumbers are always late to the job

Big State Plumbing has Certified Plumbers 24-7 that respond to emergency plumbing calls in a timely manner.   

#2 Plumbers are not professionals

I guess we have the Movie Industry to blame partly for this stereotype, where just about every plumber part in a movie casted depicts a dirty, smelly, uneducated plumber right?   Wrong, Big State Plumbers are extremely professional and always have on a clean uniforms and are courteous.  We take our job serious and it shows. 

#3 Plumbers always add on hidden fees

At Big State Plumbing we have clear, upfront pricing and always keep our customers informed of the project and costs to be incurred. 

#4 Plumbers try to use industry lingo to confuse the customer

Our plumbers want every one of our customers to understand what the plumbing issue is, how it may have been caused, and what we need to do step by step to get the problem resolved.  This is the only way we know how to provide quality service.  

#5 Plumbers make promises they can't keep

We have been a family owned and operated plumbing business for over 20 years.  Our success starts with hiring the most professional, experienced plumbers.  Big State Plumbers will always properly communicate with the customer every step of the way when servicing your plumbing situation.  

Why hire a Big State Plumbing?

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